How to write dissertation

How to write dissertation

In contrast to the lower academic theses, such as the master’s thesis, master’s thesis or diploma thesis, a dissertation is much more demanding. So this must not only reflect the contemporary academic findings, but also expand.

Creating the outline

Before you can start looking into the distance from the giants’ shoulders, you have to climb up first. This means a long, intense study of literature, preferably long before the planning phase begins. For example, the synopsis and the outline must first show that the doctoral student masters his or her topic – if this is not the case, the future doctoral supervisor will generally refuse to approve the dissertation project, or at least request rework.

The writing of the dissertation

Writing and scientific work must have become a routine activity even before the dissertation period begins, otherwise the enormous scope of the work can not be mastered; Day after day, new literature has to be searched, read, summarized and put into its own thought building. This requires not only an in-depth interest in the subject and a great staying power, but also consideration in the family and in the circle of friends and acquaintances.

The final text can only be as good as the outline allows. The letter will only be easy if the framework of the work is clearly defined and has no ambiguity. Ideally, you can work through them section by section, chapter by chapter, without having to make major changes later. Nevertheless, writing is not a work whose success can be easily measured by the time invested. On some days there may be little text, but that does not have to be a major problem as long as the medium term performance is right. It is important to distance yourself from time to time to your own text in order to combat the prevailing operational blindness: The readers for whom the work is written, apart from the doctoral supervisor, sometimes bring much less knowledge than the author. Therefore, especially novel methods or facts should be described in detail.

For a scientifically clean way of working not only the correct representation of the collected data, but also their sober evaluation: Even if the results seem to contradict the initial hypotheses or – which is more common – have no clear direction, must not made the mistake to intervene through a subsequent change and to produce the desired results: No result is also a result! An overzealous interpretation or reinterpretation of the facts, on the other hand, is unscientific and can ruin the entire work.

Professional plagiarism check by the professional

A large number of doctoral students find the right quotation – especially in the case of a very extensive scientific dissertation – difficult. Many who write their dissertation feel queasy after completing this rather obscure, hard-to-master challenge – the media are full of plagiarism. One thing is certain: Even a very prudent and forward-looking working method in the context of the dissertation does not protect against mistakes in citation or unintentional plagiarism.

It is part of the scientific standard that all citations – directly or indirectly – and ideas of third parties are marked clearly and completely (stating the author or author) and the source is completely included in the bibliography.

It is recommended to have a professional plagiarism check carried out by an experienced ghostwriting agency after completion of the dissertation. As the ideal point of contact, it has graduates from almost every department who have years of experience in the scientific field. Here, doctoral students should play it safe and have their dissertation reviewed for citation errors that are due to the great extent of the work.

Help with the dissertation

Anyone who thinks that he can have the dissertation written is mistaken, however: While there are providers who advertise such a “service” bluntly, but the submission of a not self-written dissertation as part of an examination is difficult to prove, but clearly inadmissible. On the other hand, it looks different when academic ghostwriters support the work with their specialist knowledge, with their methodological knowledge, with work-sharing research, with textual and linguistic corrections, or with the writing of a sample work.

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